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Previous News from Xteq Systems

2004/01/02 - After some days of delay we are happy that X-Setup Pro 6.5 BETA 1 is now available! As announced, there are some changes for X-Setup since it is now called X-Setup Pro and has it's own website:

Please read our statement about the transmission of X-Setup to X-Setup Pro. Or, if you can't wait, you can directly download the new release from

2003/11/14 - The next version of X-Setup is on its way! We were able to successfully build ALPHA 1 for our internal testing this week.

If no unexpected problems arise, a new version of X-Setup will be downloadable around Christmas this year. Prepare for a lot of changes...

2003/08/11 - Already using Windows 2003? And you like Xteq GetOSVersion, our little utility to determine which OS the user is using? Time for an update, GetOSVersion 1.3 is available and it now supports Windows 2003.

2003/05/11 - You might wonder why we haven’t updated our site for nearly two months. Well, we are currently working on X-Setup 6.4 to make X-Setup Windows Server 2003 compatible. Since this operation system ships since one week, we haven’t that much tweaks so far (to be honest: zero). However, we hope that we will receive the final retail version it in about two weeks so we can start playing with it.

Of course, X-Setup 6.4 will not only be a good release for Windows Server 2003 owners, but we will also include more tweaks for “older” operation systems. Stay tuned, we'll keep you informed.

2003/02/15 - Good news regarding Xteq X-Setup 6.3: We did not receive any bug report for X-Setup itself, except some small ones and a big one inside the plug-ins. A ugly bug we had was inside the plug-in “XQ Context Menu Options 4.xpl”. The fixed version of the plug-in can either be downloaded using “X-Update for X-Setup” from X-Setup itself or by accessing document #56 inside the Xteq Systems Document Library (

We would also like to introduce a new utility available from Xteq Systems: Xteq GetDriveType. It’s a small command line utility that can be used to query the type of a drive (D:\, E:\ etc.) and returns an error code depending of the type the drive queried is (Fixed Disk, Network Drive etc.). It’s probably nothing for the normal home user, but properly for administrators that need that type of check inside a login script for example.

2002/12/24 - Happy X(SET)-mas to all of you! As promised, Xteq Systems X-Setup 6.3 is finished and ready to be downloaded. For those of you, that can't wait here's the direct download link from our friends at

This new version fixes some bugs and of course includes a lot new and updated plug-ins. To see what has changed in detail, please see the file HISTORY.TXT once you have installed it.

2002/10/08 - Xteq Systems is currently working on X-Setup 6.3 for release on Christmas 2002. This will be a maintenance release that includes some spelling fixes (as ever...), updated plug-ins and new plug-ins. At the moment we do not plan to add new features to X-Setup itself. So prepare yourself for a big Xteq Systems Christmas present :-)

2002/08/02 - X-Setup 6.2 is now out for nearly two months, and we are very satisfied: No major bugs have been found and MajorGeeks reported nearly 200,000 downloads! Thank you all for your support!

These bugs are all located in some plug-ins and are addressed with the plug-in package we have made available through X-Update for X-Setup. Plus, we have included some new tweaks in this package (Word XP, MSI Options, Font Substitutes and XP RAS AutoDial).

To get these updates, start “X-Update for X-Setup” from the “Welcome to X-Setup” window. If you want to have just the updates, you can directly hit “Start Update process” after the plug-in list appears. If you also want to have the new plug-ins, you need to move to the bottom of the list and select all the “XQ ..” plug-ins that are marked with the “NEW” icon and appear after the “al …” plug-ins.

More good news from our friend Matt2K, the guy behind Matt2K has created a visual Plug-in Editor and a great CSV Generator. All X-Setup plug-in developers check the bottom of the X-Setup SDK page for details!

2002/06/18 - We are back! As you might have noticed, was shut down and only displayed a 404 Error. We are sorry for the trouble, but it was not our fault. If you are searching for Xteq X-Setup 6.2, you may download it from

We only know the following: On Friday the 14th, some sort of download storm has started which brought our site totally down. As were hosted by Yahoo Servers, they decided to put the site offline and sent us an automated email that our account was "suspended". We can understand that, and wrote them back that we were sorry and that they can delete the file (we guess it was only one file) that was causing this problem and return However, they did not respond until Thursday! Four days while was totally unreachable and only displayed a 404.

Therefore, we have now transferred our site to DigitalDaze and our DNS entries are now managed by DNSCentral. If you are ever searching for a good webhoster, DON'T COUNT on Yahoo!

We would like to thank Chris from Lockergnome for his help, Bill Gerrard for his help with the DigitalDaze account, Jim McHahon for his support (and the server bandwidth of course :) and Arni Sprettur, Steven, Nico and Chuck Billow for offering us to host our site on their servers. THANK YOU ALL!

2002/06/10 - It's here, it's done, it's finished! Xteq X-Setup 6.2 FINAL is now available and ready to be downloaded! We have included many improvements in this version, plus used two public beta versions to ensure that it works as expected.

Many thanks to all that people that have tested X-Setup with BETA #1 and BETA #2, we hope you enjoy the result! Also a big thanks to the people at that have provided us with the necessary bandwidth. If you can't wait, you can directly download Xteq X-Setup 6.2 from their servers.

2002/05/11 - Xteq X-Setup 6.2 BETA #2 is now available and can be downloaded from our friends at! We have fixed all bugs that were found so far with this release, included the final help file plus included the new UI design of Windows XP.

Please note: Any questions or comments about this version should be posted to in the folder "X-Setup Public BETA".

2002/04/26 - The test of Xteq X-Setup 6.2 BETA 1 (hosted by our friends at is still in progress but we already working on BETA #2 which will basically be the final code for 6.2. BETA #1 contained some bugs inside the plug-ins (see the X-Setup Public beta forum on but we fixed them already. Also, there were a bug inside the "Create Shortcut" function on Windows 9x which is now also fixed.

Beside this, we were finally able to integrate the new look of Windows XP into X-Setup BETA #2. This means, if you will run X-Setup on Windows XP, X-Setup will use this cool new look.

We'll keep you posted when BETA #2 will be ready!

2002/03/15 - Three weeks later than expected, but finally here it is: Xteq X-Setup 6.2 BETA 1 is available and ready to be downloaded from our friends at! It includes major changes to the programs, a lot of new features, more than 200 plug-in changes and about 100 new plug-ins. If you are interested, just have a look at the file HISTORY.TXT once you have downloaded it.

Please note: Any questions or comments about this version should be posted to our site in the folder "X-Setup Public BETA".

2002/02/20 - Woops, seems has canceled the redirection service to the new address of the Delphi Forums site. If you had problems, here's the new and complete URL:

2002/01/14 - Some news about X-Setup 6.2: The main coding is nearly finished, we are currently checking and adding plug-ins. If everything goes well, we'll be able to present the first public BETA in February. We keep you posted!

2001/12/23 - Season's greetings from Xteq Systems to you! We would like to say "THANK YOU" to all our customers out there and wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! We also have a little Christmas present for all X-Setup lovers out there: X-Setup Christmas Pack 2001 which contains 19 new plug-ins for your X-Setup! So, you better get it fast before Christmas is over…

2001/12/04 - Another update because Windows XP has arrived: GetOSVersion 1.2 is available, it now detects Microsoft's new Windows baby. Get your copy of it at our Downloads page.

2001/10/30 - As Windows XP is now fully available, we would like to clarify that Xteq X-Setup 6.1 runs on Windows XP (Professional or Home Edition) and fully supports it. So, if you are now using Windows XP, get your copy of X-Setup 6.1 at our Downloads page.

2001/10/09 - Finally, our download problems have disappeared!! Xteq X-Setup is now hosted on which have at about 500+ webservers around the world and one of those will ALWAYS work. If you couldn't get Xteq X-Setup so far, please try the new tucows download inside Downloads.

2001/10/03 - We are sorry for the continued download problems of X-Setup. We have added another mirror (thanks to; if you couldn't get X-Setup so far, please try this new mirror inside Downloads. In about one week we should have one more that is able to take 10 GB/day and will hopefully resolve this issue. Once again, we are sorry and we try our best to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

2001/09/19 - HELP! With the shutdown of, we have massive problems to provide the bandwidth needed for the download of X-Setup. If you have a server with a big pipe to the Internet, you could do us a favour and become a mirror for X-Setup. But please remember that we currently receive one download every 30 seconds, which sums up to nearly 9 GB transfer volume per day! If this isn't a problem, we would be happy to hear from you: 

2001/08/19 - We here at Xteq Systems are currently in the preparation phase for Xteq X-Setup 6.2. And as we drown in ideas what we could add as new features in this next release, we would to invite you to tell us what you would like to see. Just go to our forum at and post a message to the "New Features Wishes" area. We will read every posting and see what we can realize. And hey, don't ask for more settings to tweak, you will get them anyway ;-).

2001/07/07 - After the availability of X-Setup 6.1 last month, Xteq Systems is happy to announce that the updated X-Setup SDK 6.1 is now available as well. This SDK (Software Development Kit) contains all the information you need to create your own X-Setup plug-in or wizard. And although SDK sounds "difficult to use", creating a plug-in for X-Setup is very easy - just give it a try!

2001/06/01 - With Windows XP (Whistler) on the horizon, it was time to give X-Setup a little fresh-up: Xteq X-Setup 6.1 has been released! It now fully support Windows XP/Windows 2002, can tweak Office XP plus brings some brand new settings for everybody as well.

Xteq X-Setup 6.1 comes in two flavors: a 198 kb patch for users that already have X-Setup 6.0 installed and a full install. If you have used X-Update to update your plug-ins, it might happen in some rare cases that the patch will not allow you to update X-Setup (Unknown Version file ....). Please use the full install in this case, as it will always work. 

2001/05/08 - The people at have reviewed Xteq X-Setup 6.0 and gave it the "3DSpotlight Outstanding Product Award" with a rating of 9.5 from 10! Quote: "As it stands X-Setup 6 is quite likely the finest Tweaking Utility around. Most of the other favored Tweak utilities around don’t even collectively come close to X-Setup." Thanks Thomas McGuire, we are honored by this award!

The standing so far for Xteq X-Setup 6.0: Outstanding Product Award
ZDNet Download Death Match Match Winner (against TweakUI) Recommended

Thanks to all of these sites for making it possible!! 

2001/04/26 - Review time! Xteq X-Setup got a very good review at Quote "Forget about every other tweaker on the planet; this is the only one you need.". Thanks techtv!

Plus, Xteq X-Setup is the winner of a ZDNet Download Death Match with Tweak UI. The final conclusion of this Death match: "It was no contest: X-Setup beat Tweak UI hands down. It's a more powerful, more useful, and better-supported program--and easier to install and use, to boot. Anyone wanting to customize and tweak Windows should give it a try." Many, many thanks ZDNet! 

2001/04/18 - We have changed the look of (you already noticed this, right :-) - we hope you like the new style. The new interface should be easier to read and easier to navigate than our old style. If you have comments, drop us a note at 

2001/03/28 - Finally, it's here! Xteq Systems is proud to announce the availability of Xteq X-Setup 6.0, simply the next generation of system tuning. X-Setup 6.0 includes a whole new bunch of tweaks, improved wizards, and great new function for plug-in developers. It is now able to download new plug-ins directly from the Internet, without any installation hassle. It's also the first version that has gone through a public beta test to make it the best X-Setup ever.

2001/02/12 - Yiah, Xteq Systems X-Setup 6.0 Public BETA now available! We are very happy to announce that X-Setup 6.0 Public BETA vA is now available for you to check out. Please go to for a list for sites where you can download it and further instructions.

We are happy about everybody that partcipates in this public beta test as we think 6.0 will be the best X-Setup ever available. Please note that this release is NOT available from as it's a BETA release. 

2001/02/06 - Xteq X-Setup was mentioned in the latest Langalist (from with a very nice note:

5) Speaking Of Tweakers...
Relatedly (to item #4, above) in a recent issue's "Tweaks Times Three, With Two For Free" (  ) we discussed several free and low-cost tweaking tools that--- among other useful tasks--- could help to remove "ghost" entries from your Add/Remove Software list in Control Panel.
That item generated a flood of email from fans of Xteq ( )--- an awesome freeware tool. Xteq is so powerful and has so many options and add ons, it can take a while to discover all of which it's capable!
Put down your flamethrowers, Xteq-ers! <g> No slight was intended, and in fact, we've covered it before. (See

We don't know who has bombed with emails, but we want to thank everbody who has done. Thanks "Fans" or "Xteq-ers" you are simply great!! 

2001/01/01 -  Ever needed to determin inside a batch file which OS is currently running and created a very complicated script with %WINVER% and %OS%, or even %WINDIR% if it also needed to work on Windows 95 machines? Forget about it, simply use Xteq GetOSVersion and it will tell you directly which OS the user is currently running!

2000/12/19 -  Everybody at Xteq Systems wishes you and your family a happy Christmas and a happy new year! We thank you all for your continued support in 2000 and all the great comments we have received! We will continue our work on X-Setup 6.0 which will be available Q1/2001.

And of course Xteq Systems has a little Christmas present for all you X-Setup users out there: The little archive XQ-XMAS2K-PACK.ZIP with some of the new plug-ins that will be included in X-Setup 6.0. Or course, it does not include any plug-ins that use the new features of X-Setup 6.0 but we hope you will find them useful anyway. 

2000/10/06 - Xteq X-Setup 5.7 is a true success and our server is still sometimes overloaded because of your downloads... Thank you all for you support! More good news: TECH EXTREME wrote a raving review: "This utility [X-Setup] probably has the more options available for you to tweak then any on the Internet.". 

So far, most support questions where about the "-15" Window Border Width problem, which is now documented in Document #38. Some other problems were reported with Shortcut Keys assigned to LNK files (Document #37) and an empty "Favorites" menu in Windows 2000 (Document #39). 

2000/08/19 - Xteq Systems is very happy to announce the official release of Xteq X-Setup 5.7, the last release for the V5 version. We have added more settings, fixed some bugs, updated the included Tips&Tricks file, fully support Windows Me, expanded the program options and more. For full details what's new, see history.txt inside X-Setup. Download your copy now or read the full description first.

2000/07/15 - WOW! Xteq Systems X-Setup is Winner in the category  "System Utility" at ZDNet's 7th annual Shareware Awards (For details, see! We are very, very, very honored by this award!! THANK YOU ZDNET!

2000/07/04 - Xteq Systems has changed the support for X-Setup: All support questions regarding X-Setup will now be directed to This peer-2-peer forum will allow us to improve X-Setup even further, as the current amount of support issues is far too much for us. For detailed information, please see our statement.

More news about X-Setup: Because of the recent release of Windows Millennium (WME) by Microsoft, we have decided to cancel X-Setup 5.6 Patch 1 and support WME with X-Setup 5.7. This new release will include all fixes planed for 5.6 Patch 1 and will be available August 2000.

2000/05/14 - Exactly one month after the launch of X-Setup 5.6, Xteq System is very proud to announce that X-Setup 5.6 performs very well. Major download sites have shown at about 300,000 downloads so far, plus more than 150,000 here from A huge thanks to all our users for their support!

Also, no major bugs have been reported so far, except one plug-in that writes it's settings to the wrong file (win.ini instead of system.ini) plus a bug in Windows 2000 with "Legal Notice" and "RAS" (please see DC #36). All other corrections made until now are mainly spelling problems and will be addressed in Patch 1 for X-Setup 5.6 - which will be available in about 2-3 weeks.

2000/04/14 - Xteq Systems is happy to announce that X-Setup 5.6 is now available for download. This new version includes great new enhancements, e.g. a "Search" feature, configurable fonts, a redesigned setup, a new help system, more plug-ins and much more. We are especially happy that has decided to give us the right to include its Tip&Tricks file with X-Setup. This means, with X-Setup 5.6 you not only get the best tuning utility there is but also hundreds of great tips, all in one package! 

2000/03/14 - Xteq X-Setup 5.6 BETA, the next version of our premier system-tuning utility, has reached feature-complete status! This new version will include great new enhancements, e.g. a "Search" feature, configurable fonts, a redesigned setup and much more. X-Setup 5.6 is currently being beta-tested and more plug-ins are added. It will be available in a short period of time here from Stay tuned!

2000/01/18 - Y2K has final arrived so it's time to take a short look back. For Xteq Systems it was an extremely successful year: As our logs show, we had a total transfer volume of 217 GB and nearly 500,000 downloads from - comparing January and December, we had 14 times the amount of users and 8 times the transfer volume! Not to mention all the traffic we generated on our mirrors. We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support and we promise we will continue to provide great and unique software you are expecting. 

1999/12/15 - Xteq Systems is happy to announce that our X-Setup SDK has been updated to version 5.5, it now supports X-Setup 5.5. In this release, we have also added an Wizard Checker that automatically scans all available Wizards. Please don't forget that you will need X-Setup before you can use the SDK. 

1999/12/07 - Wow, what a month - X-Setup 5.5 is a major hit! Our main mirrors (, and report more than 160,000 downloads in one month plus 60,000 downloads from Thanks to all our customers for their continued support! Due to these massive downloads, we were also informed about some bugs inside our plug-in. We have created an update package to fix them: please see document #30 at our DC

1999/11/09 - Our release of X-Setup 5.0 just three months ago was an extreme success: reported more than 150,000 downloads until now and our mirrors report similar statistics. We were carpet-bombed with wishes, suggestions and feature requests so we decided to release a new versions were nearly all these requests are included: Xteq X-Setup 5.5. We added a lot of new plug-ins (at about 60) so X-Setup now supports more than 400 settings - a complete listing what has changed since 5.0 can be found in document #26 at our DC

1999/10/08 - Bug fix weeks at Xteq Systems! Some of you have reported problems with our programs Explorer LaunchPad and URL Bandit. The "not able to use paths longer 255 chars" is fixed with Explorer LaunchPad 2.1. For URL Bandit, the "error message when shutting down Windows with URL Bandit running" bug is fixed with version 1.2. Both programs can be obtained from our Downloads page. Please note that these are only bug fixes, no new features are included.

1999/07/28 - Xteq Systems is proud to announce that the next version of our premier configuration tool is available: X-Setup 5.0 has been released - the biggest updated since 3.0! We have again added more settings, extended the plug-in and wizard engine plus invented the new "Record Mode" that generates *.REG files on the fly (very useful for administrators). For more information what's new, please see document # 24 at our document center.

1999/06/19 - You know the problem: An URL is found somewhere, and you want to keep it for later review. Until recently, you had to collect them somewhere, e.g. in a file. Forget this patchwork forever, Xteq URL Bandit is the simple solution for this. It watches your clipboard and displays (and saves) all URLs it detects.

1999/06/10 - Do you need more stuff for Xteq X-Setup? Get all new plug-ins from Sébastien Maurice at our Plug-in page and change internal settings of Word 97, Windows 95 and the Windows Explorer.

1999/05/16 - The new Xteq X-Setup SDK 4.0 includes all the stuff you need to produce plug-ins or the new wizards for X-Setup and is available for free from now on. If you are a bit-twiddler, why not create your own plug-in or wizards and share it with thousands of X-Setup users around the world?

Plug-in News: Sébastien Maurice has sent us another plug-in, this time it's an editor for the Explorer drive context menu. Also hot and fresh: Alphonse G. Andrew's plug-in and wizard for the Windows 95/98 boot options. Get both at our X-Setup Plug-in page!

1999/05/07 - Two new plug-ins for Xteq X-Setup have landed. The first one from Sébastien MAURICE allows you to clear the recent file list of Paint, Imaging, WordPad and PhotoEditor. The other gives you full control over the LOAD and RUN commands, that are still supported in Windows NT. See our Plug-ins Page for more information.

1999/04/15 - You may already know Helpy, our tool for creating helpfiles (*.HLP) in Word 97. As promised when we released Xteq Helpy 1.1 a few weeks ago, the source code for it is now online. If you are interessted in VBA programming, have a look at it!

X-Setup Update: Xteq has discovered that five X-Setup 4.0 plug-ins maybe behave unexpected, so an update for it has been released. You can either download only the very small update file from our Plug-in page or the entire X-Setup (which includes these fixes from now on) from our Downloads page. For more information, including how to verify your version of X-Setup and what has been changed, please see document 19.

1999/04/07 - Xteq Systems parties: X-Setup 4.0 is an overwhelming success. Nearly 45,000 downloads in the last three weeks have been reported, and it's still growing.

But Xteq has also discovered that five plug-ins maybe behave unexpected, so an update for X-Setup has been released. You can either download only the very small update file from our Plug-in page or the entire X-Setup (which includes these fixes from now on) from our Downloads page. For more information, including how to verify your version of X-Setup and what has been changed, please see document 19.

1999/03/17 - You think X-Setup 3.2 is the best Windows configuration tool there was, there is and there will be? Until recently this has been true, but now Xteq X-Setup 4.0 has arrived! With more than 120 plug-ins, about 250 settings and the new "Wizards" feature, X-Setup allows your to change more settings as ever and is easier to use, too.

1999/02/24 - Xteq has been informed about an issue in X-Setup that applies to Windows NT 4.0 (SP4 with IE 4.01 SP1) systems. Setting a special value in X-Setup could prevent that folders can be opened using the Windows Explorer (turning this value off fixes the problem). Please read the details in document #17 at our document center.

1999/02/06 - If you use Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 or 6.0 we have something very special for you: The new version of Xteq PackX is here. Seven nice components with full source code ready for your applications!

1999/01/07 - y2k-1 has begun and we have a little program that allows you to start this new year very funny: Xteq X-Shooter 1.0. Think of it as a puncher for your Windows...

1998/12/15 - The next generation of tuning has arrived! Xteq X-Setup 3.2 is available for free download and it's the best X-Setup ever - including more than 220 settings, a faster plug-in engine and improved stability. Don't forget it's still freeware! But the best is yet to come: From Dec 23 1998 to Dec 27 1998 the Xteq Systems Christmas Gift will be available. The archive contains ten more plug-ins for X-Setup and is ONLY available from 23-27 Dec. So get the tree out of your way and grab this archive also!

1998/11/30 - Xteq Helpy 1.1 is available for free download! This new tool from Xteq Systems makes it easy to create your own helpfiles (*.hlp) with a bunch of great features. And the best is still to come: In the next weeks we will make the source of Helpy also available for the public!

1998/11/26 - We have finished the development of Xteq Helpy 1.1 today and are currently making the last changes to the installation and documentation. Get back next week to download this great new tool from Xteq Systems!

1998/10/26 - If you develop ActiveX (COM) components, you will love our new Xteq COM Register Extension. Forget all this regsvr32.exe crap, simply click the file inside the Explorer and this little utility will do the rest. Beside this, the first plug-in for Xteq X-Setup that is not from us has arrived! See our new X-Setup plug-in page for more information.

1998/10/10 - Are you using VB 5.0? Have a look at Xteq AddPack 1.0 and see how easily you can create Messageboxes, Inputboxes and more. No code-typing any more!

1998/09/18 - After Xteq X-Setup 3.1, now the Xteq X-Setup SDK 3.1 is available. Extend X-Setup and create your own plug-ins easily!

1998/09/12 - Official opening of Xteq Systems. Today we have announced at (our old site). Nearly all members from K/oS are now in Xteq Systems and we will continue what we have started with K/oS: Providing great, powerful and easy-to-use software! Get an idea of it by visiting our Products section and download our freeware.

1998/08/22 - The Xteq Systems site has started its test phase.

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