Xteq GetDriveType 1.1

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XQGetDriveType is a very simple command line program that can be used in batch files to determine the type of a given drive (e.g. fixed, CD-ROM/DVD, Network drive etc.). It returns the type of the drive as return code and can therefore easily be used for batch files where you want to execute special commands depending on the type of a drive.

For example, you might want to use it in a login script where you want to map a network drive either to T:\ or U:\, depending on which drive letter is still available. Simply use XQGetDriveType and it will return 99 if T:\ does not exist. If T:\ exists, it will return a different error code and you will have to use U:\. There are properly other areas where you can use this tool as well.

With only 50 KB in size and no dependencies whatsoever, you can easily use it wherever you need it.

Detailed examples how to to use XQGetDriveType are included (EXAMPLE.BAT and EXAMPLE_EXTENDED.BAT.)

Download Xteq GetDriveType